HCT Sun commissions a 206-kWp solar plant for a packaging maker

Location: Thane

HCT Sun has started supplying solar power to a large-scale printed packaging products manufacturer in Thane, Maharashtra. The solar power is being generated through a 206-kWp solar PV project.

Considering the client’s infrastructure requirements, HCT used a roof-to-roof approach to supply power to the client. This made it important to have meticulous planning and calculations with regard to the project to understand proper cable lengths and to minimise any power losses.

HCT also set up an inverter enclosure outside the premises based on the client’s specific requirements. The client selected HCT Sun for the project after understanding HCT’s international project implementation and safety standards. 

The project will result in 263 tons in CO2 emission cuts per year. Through this project, the client will be able to buy low-price solar power, thereby reducing its factory expenses without making any capital investment.

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