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Where we unlock the power of solar energy in ways you've never imagined

Our innovative hardware and software solutions are redefining solar installations, enabling them on slopes up to 30% and irregular sites, eliminating costly land preparation. Our advanced software optimizes production, forecasts weather, maximizes bifacial gains, and allows remote control. This synergy empowers competitive LCOEs in previously challenging locations.

Empowering a Solar-Powered Future

Solar Trackers by HCT Sun, Mumbai

Smart Solar Trackers

Solargik's innovative solar trackers utilize a centrally-optimized sunlight-sharing system, featuring lightweight, versatile structures. They excel in adapting to non-standard terrains, ensuring LCOE optimization for your solar projects.

Solar software solutions by HCT Sun, Mumbai

Data-Driven Software Solutions

Data is essential for maximizing solar energy efficiency. Our software solutions provide real-time monitoring, data analysis, and predictive insights. By making informed decisions based on data, clients can optimize their solar systems for better performance and energy savings.

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