Solar Tracking Solutions

We Unlock New-Age Technology

SolarGik’s versatile tracker unlocks the potential of non-traditional terrains, easing land acquisition and avoiding interconnection queues. Our combination of hardware and software reduce CAPEX costs and increase power density, efficiency and overall profitability.

Maximizing Efficiency, Optimizing Output

Our Solar Trackers represent the pinnacle of innovation, continually adapting solar panels to trace the sun's motion, resulting in a substantial boost in energy production. Elevate your solar system's efficiency with our Solar Trackers. By dynamically aligning with the sun's trajectory, they capture more sunlight throughout the day, leading to increased energy yields and enhanced performance. This empowers you to generate greater amounts of clean, renewable energy while reducing reliance on conventional power sources.

Features of Solar Tracker

Unique A-frames for metal rooftop trackers

Innovative frame for optimal
metal rooftop solar tracking

Ballasted structure for RCC rooftop trackers

Customized structure for
secure RCC rooftop solar installations.

Enables roof maintenance

 Hassle-free maintenance without disrupting
your solar power production

Tried and tested for metal and RCC rooftops

 Tested reliability on diverse
rooftop materials.

Design that incorporates roof structures

Seamlessly blends with your
roof’s architectural aesthetics.

Explore Our Cutting-Edge Solar Trackers

Dynamic Sun-Tracking for Peak Efficiency

Our Solar Trackers employ sophisticated algorithms to monitor the sun’s journey across the sky, from sunrise to sunset. By precisely aligning solar panels with the sun’s position, our trackers optimize sunlight absorption throughout the day. This dynamic sun-tracking capability results in significantly higher energy production compared to fixed solar systems.

Enhanced Energy Yield for Superior Returns

With our Solar Trackers, you can anticipate a substantial surge in energy yield, translating into superior returns on your solar investment. The continuous adjustments performed by the trackers guarantee that your solar panels capture every available sunbeam, minimizing energy wastage and maximizing electricity generation.

Adaptable to Weather Variations

Equipped with sensors, our Solar Trackers can detect shifts in weather conditions. Whether it’s passing clouds or moments of reduced light, the trackers respond by fine-tuning the angles of the solar panels for optimal energy capture. This adaptability ensures consistent energy production, regardless of fluctuations in weather.

Ground Trackers

SolarGik's compact Ground tracker, designed for 2-in-landscape setup, maximizes efficiency on unconventional landscapes, accommodating slopes up to 30% and irregular plots, while ensuring economic viability.

Rooftop Trackers

Solargik's Rooftop tracker is versatile, accommodating 6-24 panels, for cost-effective dual-use in scenarios like greenhouses, fences, and rooftops.

Agri PV

Solargik's AgriPV represents a sustainable revolution in land use. By harnessing solar energy above, it enables crops or vegetation to thrive beneath the solar panels.

Supercharge your business with our cutting-edge solar trackers.

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