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Empowering Solar Excellence in Smart and Innovative Way

Solargik pioneers smart, innovative solar tracking solutions, aiming to unleash the potential of solar energy. Our mission is to address industry challenges, boost power generation, and enhance profitability through versatile, cost-efficient trackers, advanced control software, and unrivalled technology.

Solargik's mission

SolarGik’s mission is to overcome solar energy industry challenges such as intermittency, reliability, predictability, and flexible production and distribution. Our versatile, cost-efficient trackers and intelligent control software enhance power generation, efficiency, and profitability while reducing CAPEX and OPEX.


Our innovative hardware and software redefine traditional solar installations, enabling projects in previously challenging terrains. Our tracker design accommodates slopes up to 30% and irregular sites, eliminating costly grading. Our advanced software optimizes production, predicts weather changes, maximizes bifacial gains, and responds to remote commands, empowering competitive LCOEs in once-impossible locations.
Solar software solutions by HCT Sun, Mumbai

Our software 'SCADA SYSTEM'

SolarGik's in-house SCADA system, "SOMA," integrates on-site hardware (inverters, trackers, batteries) with external data sources (agricultural sensors, weather forecasting, grid connection). It employs a central optimization engine for real-time command and control. SOMA provides advanced monitoring, data collection, on-site optimization insights, and automates controls to ensure productive, safe, efficient, and profitable PV assets.

HCT Sun and Solargik's Dynamic collaboration

Unifying Strengths

At the heart of our collaboration with Solargiks lies the union of technological prowess and manufacturing excellence. This partnership harnesses the power of Solargiks’ cutting-edge technology and HCT Solar’s state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities.

Manufacturing Excellence

HCT Solar’s manufacturing facilities, equipped with the latest technology and unwavering dedication to quality, seamlessly complement Solargiks’ innovative solutions. Together, we create products that redefine industry standards.

Global Expansion

This partnership isn’t just about technology; it’s about global impact. HCT Solar’s manufacturing capabilities play a pivotal role in supporting Solargiks’ worldwide expansion, ensuring that our products reach markets far and wide.

Quality Assurance

Our commitment to quality matches Solargiks’ commitment to innovation. Every component manufactured by HCT Solar undergoes rigorous quality assurance, contributing to the reliability and efficiency of Solargiks’ technology.

Fostering a Greener Future

Our collaboration with SolarGik is vital for cultivating a greener future. We’re committed to pushing clean energy boundaries, making a lasting, positive impact on the world

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