Solar Rooftop Trackers

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Rooftop tracker is lightweight and versatile, suitable for dual-use in scenarios like greenhouses, fences, standard rooftops, and more. Its compact 6-24 panel design allows for flexible installations even in complex spaces, making dual-use projects cost-effective and accessible to developers.

Features of Rooftop Trackers

Unique A-frames for metal rooftop trackers

Ballasted structure for RCC rooftop trackers

Enables roof maintenance

Tried and tested for metal and RCC rooftops

Design that incorporates roof structures

Reduced CAPEX

30% lighter structure reduces initial expenses.

Reduced O&M Costs

High MTBF, dirt minimization, and clipping extend
component lifespan.

Increased Energy Generation

Proprietary tracking algorithms, satellite
data, and weather analytics optimize performance.

Optimized Solar Plant Control

Data analytics, real-time model, and energy
shifting for efficient control.

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Discover the potential of Rooftop Trackers to transform your solar energy production. Embrace the future of solar technology with HCT SUN.

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