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Going solar has many benefits. With HCT Sun, the key benefit for you is the financial savings. But another significant benefit is access to renewable energy and contributing to the improvement of our environment and our planet.

he first step in partnering with HCT Sun is having a meeting with our staff. Following the meeting, we proceed to a survey of your site rooftop. The site survey gives us a better understanding of your roof and your potential system capacity.

Your existing power infrastructure will not be affected in any way. A solar connection does not interfere with your existing cables and meters. Solar connections are set up with assistance from and under the supervision of your electricity providers (for example, Reliance, TATA, MSEDCL, etc.)

The amount of savings primarily depends on the capacity of the solar power system, which can be calculated after a site survey. But there is no doubt that you will benefit from savings after going solar with us.

HCT Sun uses the highest quality technologies and equipment to ensure that the project is beneficial to you in the long term. Longevity is important for us, and we select all our components with this goal in mind.

At HCT Sun, we ensure that there is no damage to your roof. Your roof’s usefulness and stability are as important to us as the project. We take all necessary steps to guarantee that your rooftop is not in any way affected by our hardware.

Our processes follow the regulations for solar projects in Maharashtra. The Indian government is very supportive of solar energy. Moreover, HCT Sun proceed with projects only after all regulatory approvals have been obtained. We have the required regulatory expertise to develop such projects.

Just give us a call at 1800-102-5275 or +91-77-3858-0002 or drop us an email at contact@hct.solar – all you have to do is reap the benefits.

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