Agri-PV Trackers

Harmonizing Agriculture and Solar Energy

Agri-PV solution addresses key challenges in agriculture: optimizing sunlight sharing and reducing complex structures. Our in-house SCADA system, "SOMA," adjusts tracking angles based on shading, crop health, and weather conditions to maximize both crop yields and electricity generation. Our versatile, lightweight structure can reach 5 meters in height cost-effectively, allowing tailored Agri-PV designs that boost project profitability through the synergy of agriculture and solar energy.

Market Challenge

AgriPV, combining agriculture and solar energy, presents unique hurdles. Crops need sunlight, limiting solar PV usage. Structures must balance crop access, cost-effectiveness, elevation, wind exposure, and maintenance complexity.

Innovative Solution

A Smart Platform for AGRI-PV

We introduce a Smart Platform tailored to AGRI-PV, addressing these challenges head-on. Our platform incorporates sun-tracking technology to optimize energy generation and ensure a harmonious balance between crop cultivation and solar panel performance, resulting in enhanced agricultural and financial outcomes.

Principles of AgriPV

Why AgriPV?

Our AGRI-PV solution pioneers the fusion of solar energy and agriculture, transforming farming, and providing sustainable energy solutions for the future.


Features of AgriPV

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Maximize Land Use Efficiency

AgriPV optimizes land use by harnessing solar energy above, while allowing crops or vegetation to grow beneath the solar panels. This innovative dual-use approach ensures you get the most out of your land without compromising agricultural productivity.

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Economic Benefits

AgriPV brings substantial economic benefits to farmers and landowners. By generating solar power, you can offset energy costs for your agricultural operations and potentially earn additional revenue by selling excess electricity back to the grid.

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Enhanced Crop Growth

Our AgriPV systems are designed to minimize shading on the crops or vegetation below. The carefully planned panel layout and elevated mounting structures ensure that sunlight reaches the plants, promoting healthy growth and maximizing agricultural yields.

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Water Conservation

AgriPV provides natural shading for crops, which can lead to reduced water consumption, as plants are less prone to water evaporation under the shade of solar panels. This water-saving advantage is especially crucial in regions prone to water scarcity.

Features of AgriPV

Choose Agri PV for a Greener Tomorrow.

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