HCT’s new rooftop solar project at Thane goes live

HCT Sun set to make Industrial Park a ‘green business destination’; first project commissioned

Location: Thane

HCT Sun is pleased to announce that it has commissioned its first set of rooftop solar power projects at one of the biggest industrial parks in Mumbai. HCT Sun has commissioned projects totalling 307 kWp at the park.

These projects are part of the industrial park’s initiatives to become a green business destination for established and start-up businesses across Maharashtra. Within HCT’s OPEX solutions, every business owner in the park will benefit from affordable solar power with no investment throughout the project’s tenure.

HCT Sun has installed the projects at the industrial park and will be operating and maintaining them for 20 years at no additional cost to the park or its business owners. All of the project’s components meet international standards, including high-end solar PV modules, inverters, optimizers, and solar mounting structures with international certifications.

The park’s business owners will join the leading businesses in the world who manufacture their products using solar power; HCT takes great pride in helping them make this possible.

This is only the first step towards commissioning much larger capacities for the industrial park and converting it into one of the country’s leading ‘Green Business Parks’.

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