HCT Sun commissions 247-kWp plant for sweets manufacturer

Location: Thane

HCT Sun has started supplying solar power to a large-scale sweets manufacturer located in Thane, Maharashtra. The power, generated through a 247-kWp solar PV project, is being provided through the Opex business model.

The system will provide around 75% of the client’s overall power requirements, making the sweets-maker a large green power consumer. The client was looking to cut its costs after financial impacts to its business from the Covid-19 pandemic. The financial impacts meant that capital investments were challenging, making HCT’s solutions a perfect choice for the customer. 

The project involved some challenges since the client is in the food-manufacturing business, which necessitated strong safety and hygiene standards during project implementation. It was also a peak sales season for the client. Keeping all such things in mind, HCT completed the project with precise planning to ensure that hygiene parameters are met and that there is no disturbance to the customer’s operations. 

The solar power generated from the system will be equal to planting 3,930 trees per year, and will reduce emissions equivalent to 316 tons/year. The project was completed through elevated solar module mounting structures which allows the client to do roof-treatment or waterproofing activities at any point in the future.

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